Bubble Master

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Everyone knows that soap bubbles are the most win-win entertainment that can delight anyone!

Now it is your turn to make this incredible soap-bubble chaos :)

Just tap and hold anywhere on the screen and the bubble will begin to inflate. Release your finger and it will fly! Here and now, you have a unique opportunity to become the Master of Soap Bubbles!

Blow huge soap bubbles, shake the screen and launch a bunch of small colorful bubbles. Soap loops, soap fireworks - it all depends on your imagination!

    Play the game and improve your equipment, customize your look. Unlock tons of cool items playing a bunch of fun levels in different locations:

  • In the park
  • At school
  • In gym
  • In the museum
  • In the supermarket

Moreover, if you want even more thrills - fight with other players in PvP.

Who will inflate more bubbles and faster?

Who will win?

Blowing bubbles is so much fun!

Get it on:

  • Coming Soon
  • googleplay

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