Zombie West: Dead Frontier

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Get ready to take on the good, the bad and the particularly ugly zombies!

Think you can you gunsling your way through the zombie wasteland? In a vibrant and characterful world, see if you can shoot your way through the frontier to be the top zombie survival expert!

Low on courage and ammo? Run back to the saloon, regroup, reload and head back out to take on the zombie west!


  • A unique wild west zombie infested world for you to shoot your way through.
  • Shoot up those stupid zombies with your trusty 6 shooter and collect coins.
  • Head down the the old saloon to upgrade better weapons to kill even more zombies.
  • Take down some of the meanest undead punks the frontier has ever seen!
  • Giddyup and get your trigger finger ready as you ride your trusty stallion into more zombies for a fast action wild west shootout.
  • Play fun mini-games to earn a fist full of dollars to spend on even more weapons.

    How To Play

  • Tap zombies to shoot at them
  • Drag your character up or down to dodge
  • Switch awesome weapons to take on the hordes, including unique boss zombies!

Get it on:

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